What Is AGlobal Village
A Global Village is first and foremost a physical place. We think there is human scale in everything, and that todays world is derailed in terms of scale. So we want again to live in an environment that is overwiewable, controlleable, understandeable for all of its inhabitants. And its grounded in and blended with the nature that is still and will always be the essence of our being. A web of life that we are part of.

Yet we feel that our aspirations have grown. Cities have shown us the immense wealth of human possibilities and ingenuity. We want to bring this cultural wealth into the small scale, back home to our village. Information technologies are key, as there is a certain degree of human mobility. Aesthetics, beauty, colour, dreams: we do not want to miss them either.

Global Villages are living environments that combine the physical groundedness of a village with the global connectedness of a modern city. They bring it down to a agreeable, complete, sustainable human experience that allows us to really cherish the treasures within ourselves and live the connection of body, mind and soul.

This site is meant to discover the diversity and the dimensions of this new way of living.

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